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Date : 22nd Jan 2017, Sunday
Venue : No.3, Jalan Dayang 5/96, Taman Sri Bahtera, Cheras, KL.

Loving Sunday Campaign was back! D’Touch International’s Miss Malaysia Tourism Pageant visited the Little Sisters of the Poor with the Majlis Datuk Persekutuan Malaysia. All the Pretty Miss Malaysia were giving out Chinese New Year Angpao to the elderly for Chinese New Year !




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Published by the Sun daily on 1st Sep 2016.

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Miss Malaysia Tourism Pageant 2016 National Final
Date : 30th August 2016, Tuesday
Venue : Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Manhattan Ballroom, Kuala Lumpur

Congratulation to :

  1. Miss Malaysia Tourism 2016/17 – won by Ng Shin Ying (Finalist No.8)
  2. Miss Malaysia Tourism Queen of the Year 2016/17 – won by Thalia Thin (Finalist No.9)
  3. Miss Malaysia Tourism Metropolitan 2016/17– won by Tiong Li San (Finalist No.3)

Above are the top 3 main titles.  Beside that, there also have 10 additional subsidiary titles, each adopted by the sponsors. They are:

  1. Miss Iconic – won by Emily Lee (Finalist No.16)
  2. Miss Friendship – won by Mahalakshmi Raja Gopal (Finalist No.1)
  3. Miss Personality – won by Emily Lee (Finalist No.16)
  4. Miss Congeniality – won by Emily Lee (Finalist No.16)
  5. Miss GINTELL Wellness – won by Nikki Lavender De Souza (Finalist No.12)
  6. Miss Glamour – won by Ng Shin Ying (Finalist No.8)
  7. Miss Popularity – won by Emily Lee (Finalist No.16)
  8. Miss Beautiful Eyes – won by Mahalakshmi Raja Gopal (Finalist No.1)
  9. Miss RNG Elegant – won by Ng Shin Ying (Finalist No.8)
  10. Best in Talent – won by Thalia Thin (Finalist No.9)