Contestants see Miss Malaysia Tourism as an exciting adventure

Contestants see Miss Malaysia Tourism as an exciting adventure

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Youmiko Ooi

Age: 19

Hobbies: Gym, jogging, giving manicures

Ambition: Professional model

HAILING from the southern state of Johor, young contestant Youmiko Ooi sees the upcoming Miss Malaysia Tourism pageant as an opportunity to try something new in her life.

The cheerful 19-year-old currently works as a part-time promotional model but hopes to make it big in the field someday.

“For the time being, I work as a freelance model at various events. But I definitely want to improve my modelling skills and, hopefully, turn professional one day,” she said.

She enjoys giving her friends manicures from time to time and she also does her best to keep fit by going to the gym and jogging regularly.

“I guess you could say that I am quite an active person. It is important to stay healthy, especially for the work that I do,” she added.


l What is your favourite food?

I love to eat ice-cream.


l Where is one place you would like to go on vacation?

Phuket, Thailand.


l Do you prefer hot or cold climates?

I think I like cold climates more.


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Valerie Liam

Age: 25

Hobbies: Singing, drawing, reading

Ambition: To be successful in whatever she does

BUBBLY and confident Valerie Liam may have joined the Miss Malaysia Tourism pageant at her sister’s urging, but she has no regrets and is enjoying every minute of it.

“I feel quite honoured to be selected for the pageant and I am going to do my very best so that I can hopefully represent my country on the international stage,” said the Pahang lass, who described herself as optimistic and friendly.

She leads an interesting life, earning money as a part-time singer, travelling between her hometown and Kuala Lumpur to sing at various dinner functions and similar events.

“When I am not on stage, I’d be helping my sister at her shop doing make-up and nail art for customers,” she added.

Singing remains a large part of her life, and she also enjoys sketching and reading books in her free time.


l What is your favourite type of weather?

I like the winter season in countries like Australia.


l What do you dislike the most?

I hate conflicts with other people.


l Who is one celebrity you would like to meet?

Celine Dion! She is my favourite singer and I love all her songs.


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Esther Khuan

Age: 23

Hobbies: Reading, playing with her dog

Ambition: Flight attendant

ROUNDING up this week’s contestant profiles is 23-year-old Esther Khuan, who is excited to be joining her first pageant.

“A good friend of mine told me about Miss Malaysia Tourism and asked me to give it a shot. I was really, really happy when I was selected because it is my first time doing something like this,” she said.

The Perak lass currently works as a marketing and events coordinator in Kuala Lumpur, but dreams of being able to travel around the world someday as a flight attendant — an ambition befitting the Miss Tourism pageant.

“I love going out and communicating with others, and I love travelling. I cannot just sit still and do paperwork all day behind a desk,” she said.

In her spare time, she enjoys sitting down to read a good book and playing with her beloved Shih Tzu.


l What is your favourite genre of music?

I love listening to K-Pop. I am a big fan of Big Bang.


l What is one skill you would like to learn?

I want to learn how to play musical instruments, particularly the piano and guitar.


l What is your favourite hangout spot?

I like hanging out at cafes. It’s the perfect setting for chatting with good friends.