— A Platform for Bonding —

— A Platform for Bonding —

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A platform for bonding Miss Malaysia Tourism contestants

look forward to making friends at pageant



Kao Yu Ling

Age: 24

Hobbies: Acting, enjoying food, listening to music

Ambition: Actress

ASPIRING actress Kao Yu Ling sees the Miss Malaysia Tourism pageant as a challenge that can help her improve herself as a person.

This marketing executive used to work part-time as a model for two years and has already taken her first steps into showbiz by landing small roles in several local drama series.

“Ever since I was young, it has been my passion to be on the silver screen,” she said.

“But I consider myself a little shy, so to overcome that weakness and work on my acting skills, I have been taking dance classes.”

The Johor lass enjoys listening to bossa nova music and she admits to being nervous but excited about the experience at Miss Malaysia Tourism 2014.

“This pageant will be quite the adventure, so I need to mentally prepare myself for it,” she added.

·What is your favourite movie?

The Mask, starring Jim Carrey.”

·What is one skill you would like to learn?

“The Korean language.”

·What is one superpower you would like to have?

“To have a strong body like Superman.”


Shirley Hew

Age: 24

Hobbies: Reading, singing, hanging out with friends

Ambition: Lawyer

LAW student Shirley Hew is not one to shy away from the spotlight and hopes to do well in the pageant with her bright and sociable personality.

Hailing from Seri Kembangan, Selangor, she made the decision to join the pageant while waiting to receive her licence to practise law.

“I am particularly interested in criminal law and I hope to be able to work on court cases at some point in my career,” she said.

“I am quite a talkative person who loves meeting new people, so I’m eager to make new friends at Miss Malaysia Tourism pageant.”

Hew loves hanging out with friends and spending time with her family, but also enjoys travelling from time to time.

Having participated in singing contests in the past, she definitely enjoys singing just for fun.

·Who is your favourite celebrity?

“Hong Kong actor Jackie Chow.”

·What is one of your biggest fears?

“Exams! Especially if there are questions I cannot answer so I get nervous about the results.”

·Where is your favourite place to hang out?

“I like hanging out at coffee places. The nice, quiet environment is great for reading a book or meeting friends.”


Alice Teh

Age: 18

Hobbies: Dancing, reading, modelling

Ambition: To be successful in whatever she does

JOHOREAN Alice Teh hopes to do her family proud when she participates in the Miss Malaysia Tourism 2014 pageant finals in August.

“I’m very excited to have this opportunity to make new friends and impress everyone on stage,” she said.

Though she feels a little nervous about the question-and-answer segment that comes with beauty pageants, she is nevertheless elated to be selected as one of this year’s finalists.

She has been modelling part-time for three years and although she no longer has much time to spare for such jobs, she still finds it an interesting experience.

“I also know how to dance a bit of cha-cha and other ballroom disciplines, thanks to my mother who is a dance instructor,” she added.

·What is your favourite type of food?

“I love Malaysian food, no matter if it’s Indian, Malay or Chinese. I’m proud of what my country has to offer.”

·Where is the one place in the world you would like to visit?

“Paris, France.”

·What is your favourite type of music?

“I love songs like Say Something by A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera, as well as River Flows in You by Korean pianist Yiruma.”