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Date : 26th Feb 2017, Sunday
Venue : Lot 10064, Jalan Awan Pintal, Taman Yarl, Kuala Lumpur.

February loving Sunday campaign, where the Miss Malaysia visited Rumah Charis is a home for children and old folks, bringing some clothes, food, games and electrical goods. Lastly 1 of our Miss Malaysia Carol performed Magic Show to the lovely children.



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Date : 22nd Jan 2017, Sunday
Venue : No.3, Jalan Dayang 5/96, Taman Sri Bahtera, Cheras, KL.

Loving Sunday Campaign was back! D’Touch International’s Miss Malaysia Tourism Pageant visited the Little Sisters of the Poor with the Majlis Datuk Persekutuan Malaysia. All the Pretty Miss Malaysia were giving out Chinese New Year Angpao to the elderly for Chinese New Year !




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Date : 29th May 2016

Venue : Lighthouse Children Welfare Home Association, Kuala Lumpur

D’Touch International’s Miss Malaysia Tourism Pageant beauty queens visited the home, for an afternoon of bonding as well as to supply the workbooks sponsored by Pelangi Publishing Group and art products such as Colored & Watercolor EcoPencils sponsored by Faber Castell in an effort to bring the gift of knowledge to underprivileged children.

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Published by D’Touch International on 31st May 2016